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Oh dear....

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Jul. 7th, 2005 | 12:21 pm
I feel...: confused confused
Music!: Dripping...

Poor Gen.

I didn't want to laugh at him...but I thought he was being silly! Methinks it's okay though. Because he doesn't really seem that mad at me. He just looks really tired. I can understand why. A closet isn't really a comfortable place for someone as big as he is.

Methinks Carmon wasn't trying to be mean either. He was just playing a joke. But Gen always seems to take things so seriously...

Oh well. At least everything's okay now...

I couldn't find any of Genesis's clothes. I don't know what happened to all of them...I went in the closet and looked everywhere and there were none! So I had to give him some of mine for when I accidentally get put in my other form and can't figure out how to get back.

I don't think Gen's very happy about all the pink and red, but methinks he's just being silly again. I think he looks nice. ^^ Perfectly respectable.

Methinks he needs a hug.

But I am still worried about Miss Julia, though. She doesn't seem to be very happy. I wonder if something's wrong. She left and took a lot of things with her and she hasn't come back yet. And she looked like she'd drank a bit too much...and she lit Gen's car on fire before she left, but I don't think he needs to know that right now.

I hope she's not doing that thing with the undead again. That wasn't very fun. I wouldn't want Miss Julia to get hurt. I wish she'd talk about her problems instead of running away. I know that's no fun. And it never solves anything.

Methinks if she doesn't come back in a few days, I'll get someone to help me go look for her. I wouldn't want her to hurt herself.

Er...and...does anyone know why there are...arms and legs sitting on the kitchen table? They're melting on the floor. Are they supposed to be doing that.

Oh dear...I'm so confused...

Oh well. Maybe Gen might know what's going on. Even though he's been in that closet for a while.

With lots of love and hugs for everyone,

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