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Oh dear....

Jul. 7th, 2005 | 12:21 pm
I feel...: confused confused
Music!: Dripping...

Poor Gen.

I didn't want to laugh at him...but I thought he was being silly! Methinks it's okay though. Because he doesn't really seem that mad at me. He just looks really tired. I can understand why. A closet isn't really a comfortable place for someone as big as he is.

Methinks Carmon wasn't trying to be mean either. He was just playing a joke. But Gen always seems to take things so seriously...

Oh well. At least everything's okay now...

I couldn't find any of Genesis's clothes. I don't know what happened to all of them...I went in the closet and looked everywhere and there were none! So I had to give him some of mine for when I accidentally get put in my other form and can't figure out how to get back.

I don't think Gen's very happy about all the pink and red, but methinks he's just being silly again. I think he looks nice. ^^ Perfectly respectable.

Methinks he needs a hug.

But I am still worried about Miss Julia, though. She doesn't seem to be very happy. I wonder if something's wrong. She left and took a lot of things with her and she hasn't come back yet. And she looked like she'd drank a bit too much...and she lit Gen's car on fire before she left, but I don't think he needs to know that right now.

I hope she's not doing that thing with the undead again. That wasn't very fun. I wouldn't want Miss Julia to get hurt. I wish she'd talk about her problems instead of running away. I know that's no fun. And it never solves anything.

Methinks if she doesn't come back in a few days, I'll get someone to help me go look for her. I wouldn't want her to hurt herself.

Er...and...does anyone know why there are...arms and legs sitting on the kitchen table? They're melting on the floor. Are they supposed to be doing that.

Oh dear...I'm so confused...

Oh well. Maybe Gen might know what's going on. Even though he's been in that closet for a while.

With lots of love and hugs for everyone,

February's almost over? Awww...

Feb. 27th, 2005 | 09:07 am
I feel...: working working
Music!: Miss Julia's Game Music!

Hello friends!

It’s funny. Gen likes to set days for things to be done. And they’re usually Sundays, since he doesn’t like Sundays. (I don’t understand why…what’s there not to like about Sundays? They’re just like every other day…well. Methinks I just must not understand why people feel certain things for certain days of the week.) He always keeps his promises he makes to himself. Something about honor. Even when the promises make him sort of loopy.

He decided a while ago that he’d have the lower solarium cleaned out for me by today. So he’s down there now…he’s been down there since two this morning. He said he couldn’t sleep with it constantly stabbing him in the back, to quote him. (Which is odd…I didn’t think that a room could do something like that…) I brought him breakfast just a few minutes ago…the poor dear was covered in sap from head to toe. He looked like he’d had a battle with a bottle of maple syrup! Poor Gen. He works so hard to make everything nice for all of us. Methinks he deserves a night out.

He’s been preoccupied with Elizabeth too. It’s so adorable! He just sits there and has staring contests with her. The funny thing is, bien sur, that she always beats him. He says its because she’s very c’ayet. I think part of him just lets her win. He doesn’t have the heart to beat her. She is only a baby, after all.

But Miss Rita says it’d be good for her to have a change of adults once in a while…methinks she just likes her and Zoia’s company a lot. Babies are comforting. They can’t be mean, and they don’t judge things like so many other people do. So methinks I’ll let her look after the girls for the evening and make sure Gen doesn’t have a nervous breakdown.

He’s been all fussy over the swamp still, too. He says he’s got the best of the developers, he thinks, but he says he keeps feeling someone or something creeping around down there. Methinks after he finishes with the solarium, he’s going to go down there and poke around. Maybe I’ll come with. There are some plants I’ve been keeping in the upper solarium that could use a place in the ground. It’s still a bit chilly out…but methinks they’ll manage. Some plants like harsh weather. Just like some people do. It makes them feel freer, and that’s always a good thing.

Miss Julia keeps lighting her sweaters on fire accidentally. Methinks I’ll have to make her some new ones. Her and poor Niv, who keeps misplacing them.

Work never ends, but that’s a good thing! Because work is fun! Isn’t it?

Ah, well. I might just be crazy. Bu that’s okay too. Hugs, everyone!


Dec. 13th, 2004 | 07:39 pm
I feel...: excited excited

Happy holidays, everyone!

Don't you just love December? With all the snow and the lights and the hugs and the sparkles? And everyone's so happy now! No more fighting, no more people getting hurt! Everyone stops doing that around Christmas. It's not right to do that sort of thing on a holiday, is it?

Even Gen's happy! Not to say that he isn't the rest of the year...he's just happier now that he usually is. Of course, he's trying to be silly and trying to hide it...mainly by hiding in his office all the time...but I know what's going on. He's not as tricky as he thinks he is, sometimes. But he doesn't really need to be tricky at all in the first place. We love him anyways, no matter if he's being grumpy or nice.

Speaking of Gen...I finatlly finished my present for him! It took a few months, but I still got it done with plenty of time to test it out and make sure everything's just right. Now all I have to do is make a few for some of our new friends in the house, and then everything will be set! I love presents. Not really getting them , cause that just makes me feel bad...but it's always nice to see how happy they make other people!

But I have to go now. Cookies in the stove, got to get them out before they burn! And methinks I'm getting too sleepy sitting here for it to be safe, really...might break something....

Hugs and kisses, everyone!


Aug. 23rd, 2004 | 10:52 pm
I feel...: sleepy sleepy
Music!: Miss Julia's happy music!

Hello again, everyone!

My...all sorts of interesting things have been going on lately...so many that I don't think I'd be able to keep up with all of them without a little help from all the wonderful people staying here! A lot of people have been sick lately...which is just awful, because it's so beautiful outside and no one deserves to be sick at all, and least of all during summertime. But, everyone's getting better, I think...or, at least, we're all working on it!

Poor Mr. Carmon seems very sad lately. He isn't smiling as much as he used to. I hope he feels better soon. Maybe I should mix somehting up to help him.

And Big Brother has been off somehwere for a long time...it's so quiet around here without him yelling! He looks funny when he's ranting. Silly K'aekniv...I hope he's all right...

Miss Julia is silly. Methinks she's been raiding the liquor more often lately...methinks that can't be good for her. She tells me that she's building something that will make everyone's jobs a lot easier. Something that involves a lot of work, apparently, becuase she's been hiding in her room for weeks. But, oh well...as long as it makes her happy...and she seems as happy as she ever is...really...even though she does yell a lot...

But the baby is as wonderful as ever! Danae is just soooooo adorable...and so smart too! Pretty soon she'll be outsmarting everyone instead of just me. ^^ And she makes all the cutest noises and all the sweetest little expressions...and I don't blame her for being so happy, with Genevieve for a mother! She's such a darling, even if she is sort of shy. She's always so cold though! I should make her some mittens.

Speaking of mittens, Gen seems to be hiding in the Basement all the time lately. Mehtinks he doenst' like all the noise upstairs...he says that he can hear everyone thinking and it breaks his concentration. Poor dear...he needs a vacation. He works so hard all the time...and people are so mean to him sometimes...it makes him tired. And just when he was getting back to sleeping a healtier amount...well. I suppose there's not much that can be done about it, non? I'm sure everything will blow over soon enough...after all, we all have plenty of time, don't we?

Maybe I'll fix up something special for his birthday. ^^

Anyways...speaking of tired...I'm just about beat too! Methinks it's getting a bit late for me...I must be getting old, finally. ^^

Goodnight, everyone! Sweet dreams!

Hehehhehaheheheh (I believe. If I am incorrect, a thousand apologies.)

May. 1st, 2004 | 07:30 am
I feel...: excited excited
Music!: Birdies!

Hi everyone! (The hi is very long and giggly. I do not know how to type this. A million pardons for the inconvenience...but I think it's good to be as accurate as possible in these things.)

Cirrus is making this entry for me because I don't know how much time we have before Gen comes and I'm not that good at using the letter board. And I'm using Rowan's computer because Rowan always has a computer and Rowan's so nice that he lets me use it! Thank you both!

Anyways...today's finally here! I'm so happy! And excited! Aww...I'm going to be married...ohhhhh...and it's going to be so much fun, and everyone's going to be so happy, and then there's going to be this big trip and everything's just so wonderful I can't even explain it right! (Ah...more giggling here.)

I can't wait for Gen to get here with all the rest of my friends! Because they're all going to look so cute in their funny black costumes and Gen's going to get all embarassed and oh, it's all just so cute and fun and happy! (...more giggling.)

Oooh...and well...well...I don't know. I can't think in words right now. I'll come back after I've figured them out.

Have a wonderful, marvelous, happy day, everyone!

Lots of love,
(Er...and...me. Cirrus. Yes.)

Busy, busy....

Mar. 14th, 2004 | 11:21 am
I feel...: working working
Music!: Miss Julia's music now....er....don't know what it is....

Ah...salut, tout le monde...been too long, non?

There are so many people here now...seems like something is always going on here. Either someone's hurt or someone's sick or sad...it's so sad...I wish they'd all just stop fighting. But I know they all have things that they have to take care of...it's important, this fighting, I hear. I don't know how...but I don't really understand. I've never much liked fighting myself. So I should just leave it to those who understand, non?

But, in better news, we've got kittens now! Mister Rowan found them when he was walking here one day last week...they're absolutely adorable! There are three of them...Delia, she's the smallest and grey...Chouchou's the calico, she's the calico, has the longest tail too...and then there's Etienne. He's white and quick and has these long legs...very mischevious. He likes to take things...and sit on unexpecting heads. It's so funny...yesterday he stalked Genesis for a full hour just so that he could finally get the opprotunity to take a running jump off a bookshelf and attack the back of his head...poor Gen. Etienne took a good chunk out of his ear...

Anyways. Got a lot of people to attend to...but it's not so bad. Gives me more to do. Always something to see to...doesn't leave too much time to sit and think. Which is good. Becuase there's far too many things to think about that aren't much fun.

Poor Genevieve is awfully stressed now...poor child. Should make her something when I get a chance. I think Gen might be taking care of the problems in the House's shielding...I'm not really sure what he's doing anymore, really. Awfully busy...poor dear. Always getting all bloody and such. He needs a week off again. He works too hard...I worry that he might be working himself to death, really. But there's nothing to be done.

Ah...there's a good thing...the weather seems to be clearing up! How exciting! Now I can go see to the gardens again...might as well get on that while the sun lasts...

A bientôt! ^^

Oh...this is nice!

Feb. 16th, 2004 | 08:56 pm
I feel...: excited excited
Music!: Patrick Bruel- Mon amant de Saint-Jean

Salut, tout le monde!

Wow...this is very nice! I like these computer-journals...that is what they are, non? You can see how everyone's doing and everyone's so nice and it's all so pretty...

Though the letter-board is hard at first. But oh well! It's worth it! Miss Julia taught me how to use it a little while ago...she watched me for a while and then left talking about something called 'hunt and peck', I think. I don't really understand what she was talking about...I didn't remember any chickens being there...

Miss Julia also told me how to play music on the computer too! It's so amazing that so many beautiful noises can all come from one little box...

Well, anyways, today's been absolutely wonderful! Gen made it spring for me! I...I just woke up, and there it was! Spring! He says it'll only be here for a week or so, at least until my birthday, but still! It's so amazing! I feel so loved...and I love him so much too! He always knows how to make my day...that and he's so cute when he's all bashfull and such. His ears turn red and he gets this look on his face...it's adorable. I'm so glad he's feeling better...I feel so awful when he's sad...

But he's better now! And everything is good! Though I still have to finish the present I was supposed to have for him for the Valentine's festival...I've just been so busy lately...but now I have plenty of free time! And I know he's just going to love what I'm making him!

So, I went out for a walk with him first thing this morning...he wasn't wearing all black today, even! Or long sleeves! He was wearing that red shirt Miss Julia gave him...the one that has his name on it and the words 'Darwin lied' on it...I don't really understand it, but it isn't black! Which is always nice. I wish he'd wear more blue though...it goes so nice with his eyes...but yes. It was nice. We actually got to have a nice discussion. It was the first time I'd just walked around, arm and arm with him and relaxed in a long while. It's been such a long winter...and this just makes it all so much better...

Anyways. Then Miss Julia and Mister Kevarus decided to go surfing with a bunch of people...so I made them lunch. I was bored, really...and, you know, cooking's fun. Had a new type of cookie I wanted to try out. That and I could get fresh flowers from the garden again...

And so here I am...doing housework and trying to sort out this computer. I can hear Gen's music playing upstairs...maybe I'll go talk to him for a while. He always has something funny or interesting to say. Then there's always something else to get to...maybe plant those bulbs I found last November...

Well...au revoir, mes amis!