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Busy, busy....

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Mar. 14th, 2004 | 11:21 am
I feel...: working working
Music!: Miss Julia's music now....er....don't know what it is....

Ah...salut, tout le monde...been too long, non?

There are so many people here now...seems like something is always going on here. Either someone's hurt or someone's sick or sad...it's so sad...I wish they'd all just stop fighting. But I know they all have things that they have to take care of...it's important, this fighting, I hear. I don't know how...but I don't really understand. I've never much liked fighting myself. So I should just leave it to those who understand, non?

But, in better news, we've got kittens now! Mister Rowan found them when he was walking here one day last week...they're absolutely adorable! There are three of them...Delia, she's the smallest and grey...Chouchou's the calico, she's the calico, has the longest tail too...and then there's Etienne. He's white and quick and has these long legs...very mischevious. He likes to take things...and sit on unexpecting heads. It's so funny...yesterday he stalked Genesis for a full hour just so that he could finally get the opprotunity to take a running jump off a bookshelf and attack the back of his head...poor Gen. Etienne took a good chunk out of his ear...

Anyways. Got a lot of people to attend to...but it's not so bad. Gives me more to do. Always something to see to...doesn't leave too much time to sit and think. Which is good. Becuase there's far too many things to think about that aren't much fun.

Poor Genevieve is awfully stressed now...poor child. Should make her something when I get a chance. I think Gen might be taking care of the problems in the House's shielding...I'm not really sure what he's doing anymore, really. Awfully busy...poor dear. Always getting all bloody and such. He needs a week off again. He works too hard...I worry that he might be working himself to death, really. But there's nothing to be done.

Ah...there's a good thing...the weather seems to be clearing up! How exciting! Now I can go see to the gardens again...might as well get on that while the sun lasts...

A bientôt! ^^

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