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Aug. 23rd, 2004 | 10:52 pm
I feel...: sleepy sleepy
Music!: Miss Julia's happy music!

Hello again, everyone!

My...all sorts of interesting things have been going on lately...so many that I don't think I'd be able to keep up with all of them without a little help from all the wonderful people staying here! A lot of people have been sick lately...which is just awful, because it's so beautiful outside and no one deserves to be sick at all, and least of all during summertime. But, everyone's getting better, I think...or, at least, we're all working on it!

Poor Mr. Carmon seems very sad lately. He isn't smiling as much as he used to. I hope he feels better soon. Maybe I should mix somehting up to help him.

And Big Brother has been off somehwere for a long time...it's so quiet around here without him yelling! He looks funny when he's ranting. Silly K'aekniv...I hope he's all right...

Miss Julia is silly. Methinks she's been raiding the liquor more often lately...methinks that can't be good for her. She tells me that she's building something that will make everyone's jobs a lot easier. Something that involves a lot of work, apparently, becuase she's been hiding in her room for weeks. But, oh well...as long as it makes her happy...and she seems as happy as she ever is...really...even though she does yell a lot...

But the baby is as wonderful as ever! Danae is just soooooo adorable...and so smart too! Pretty soon she'll be outsmarting everyone instead of just me. ^^ And she makes all the cutest noises and all the sweetest little expressions...and I don't blame her for being so happy, with Genevieve for a mother! She's such a darling, even if she is sort of shy. She's always so cold though! I should make her some mittens.

Speaking of mittens, Gen seems to be hiding in the Basement all the time lately. Mehtinks he doenst' like all the noise upstairs...he says that he can hear everyone thinking and it breaks his concentration. Poor dear...he needs a vacation. He works so hard all the time...and people are so mean to him sometimes...it makes him tired. And just when he was getting back to sleeping a healtier amount...well. I suppose there's not much that can be done about it, non? I'm sure everything will blow over soon enough...after all, we all have plenty of time, don't we?

Maybe I'll fix up something special for his birthday. ^^

Anyways...speaking of tired...I'm just about beat too! Methinks it's getting a bit late for me...I must be getting old, finally. ^^

Goodnight, everyone! Sweet dreams!

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